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Machine Safety – Safety Light Curtains

REER Light curtains offer Type 4 and Type 2 safety light curtains, comprised of 5 categories. In addition, REER offers five safety interfaces to complement the safety light curtains.

Machine Safety – Two-Hand Tie-Down

The Series VR51 from SMC is a safety valve designed for applications that require two-hand operation, ensuring enhanced safety in machine control. It conforms to the EN574 standard, indicating its compliance with specific safety requirements. Key features of this valve include an operating pressure range of 0.25 to 1 MPa, proof pressure of 1.5 MPa, and suitability for use in a wide range of ambient and fluid temperatures (from -5 to 60° C, without freezing). The valve accommodates both metric ø 6 and inch ø 1/4 port sizes, and an optional bracket is available for installation purposes​

Renco Controls offers three models of their own design: REN23-3W, REN23-4W, and REN23-4WL. Each of these is a variation of their Pneumatic Two-Hand Tie-Down Module. The 3W features a simple design which uses an internal 3-way valve; The 4W features the same design but utilizes an internal 4-way valve with a large flow of 1:1 CV; the 4WL is the same as the 4W but is capable of accepting an external logic module. Renco offers other options that may be added to any model. Contact PAI for more information regarding this product and for assistance in choosing the correct configuration for your application.

Photoelectric Sensors

Tri-Tronics: Tri-Tronics is an American Brand of Industrial Sensors comprised of the following categories: Fiber Optic Sensors, Diffuse Sensors, Retroreflective Sensors, Thru-Beam Sensors, Fork/Label Sensors, Clear Object Sensors, Contrast Sensors, and UV-Luminescense Sensors.

Photoelectric Sensors

Norstat offers a diverse range of proximity sensors that cater to various industrial needs. Their lineup includes miniaturized inductive sensors characterized by their extremely reduced dimensions, cylindrical and cubic shapes, LED status indicators, and IP 67 protection. They also offer standard inductive sensors in various sizes and models, featuring stainless steel housing, IP67/IP68 protection, and ATEX models for hazardous areas. Additionally, the range includes capacitive sensors with features like DC/AC supply voltage, high noise immunity, and adjustable sensitivity. For AC applications, they provide sensors with multivoltage options and IP67 protection. Moreover, there are specific inductive sensors designed for the food and beverage industry, featuring AISI 316L stainless steel housing and IP67/IP68/IP69K protection. This comprehensive lineup ensures a wide array of solutions for different industrial applications, offering different sizes, housing materials, and protection levels.

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