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Our tailored solutions streamline your procurement process by analyzing your purchasing patterns and identifying recurring needs. We proactively schedule recurring shipments for frequently ordered items, saving you time and money while ensuring a seamless supply chain.

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Enhance operational efficiency and reduce expenses by joining our network.

Extrusion Solutions

Extrusion Solutions

We provide customized aluminum frame extrusion design and assembly.

Distribution Solutions

Distribution Solutions

We offer tailored support through order history and purchasing analysis to maximize your company’s benefit from our services.

Assembly Services

Assembly Services

Our team can identify optimal solutions to cut costs and increase your bottom line.

Installation Services

Installation Services

We craft and install personalized hydraulic power units.


Your Custom Solutions


Discover a world where efficiency and precision in factory automation are paramount. Our expertise in distributing top-tier industrial and collaborative robotic products ensures that you have access to the most innovative and reliable solutions in the industry. Embrace the future of automation with our diverse range of products, designed to transform your manufacturing processes and enhance productivity.

Motion Control

Pneumatic Automation specializes in distributing a wide range of industrial motion control products, including advanced electric actuators, precision controllers, and essential sensors and encoders. We also provide robust drives and motors to power and control industrial machinery. Our offerings are key in automating and enhancing efficiency in sectors like automotive and aerospace, delivering reliability and precision in industrial operations.

Pneumatic Directional Control Valves

Elevate your pneumatic systems with our top-tier directional control valves and custom manifold assembly solutions. As a dedicated distributor, we not only provide high-quality valves but also offer specialized assistance in designing pneumatic valve manifold assemblies to meet your unique requirements. Our commitment to combining exceptional products with tailored design services ensures enhanced efficiency and precision in your industrial operations. Explore our solutions and discover the impact of optimized pneumatic control in your business.

Pneumatic Tubing, Fittings, and Flow Controls

PAI stocks a wide selection of inch and metric pneumatic fittings, speed controls, tubing mufflers and pneumatic accessories commonly used in pneumatic control systems.


Optimize your operations with Pneumatic Automation’s comprehensive range of vacuum products for compressed air applications, featuring top brands like SMC, Millibar, Edco, and Vicas. Our selection encompasses cutting-edge vacuum solutions designed to enhance efficiency, precision, and reliability in your automation processes.

Air Compressors, Dryers & Distribution

Revolutionize your factory automation with Pneumatic Automation’s premier selection of Air Compressors, Dryers, and Air Distribution Systems. Our lineup features energy-efficient and durable air compressors, advanced dryers designed to eliminate moisture and ensure clean, dry air, alongside flexible air distribution systems for optimal airflow and energy savings.

Pneumatic Air-Prep

Elevate your pneumatic systems with our wide range of air preparation solutions, readily stocked in our warehouse for swift fulfillment. Specializing in filters, regulators, and lubricators, we ensure you have access to premium quality components. For tailored design assistance and to check current stock availability, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We are dedicated to providing you with the necessary resources and expertise to maintain optimal air quality and control in your pneumatic operations.

Pneumatics Actuators

Automation solutions begin at the actuator; modernize and standardize your process with our actuators, available in standard styles and sizes. Pneumatic Automation represents industry leading brands offering actuators ranging from NFPA styles to simple non-repairable actuators. Other types include grippers, rotary actuators, rodless actuators, and space-saving actuators. Pneumatic Automation is prepared to offer you technical expertise and assistance with all our product lines. Contact us today and allow us to assist you in optimizing your automation today.

Machine Safety, Sensors and Electrical Components

Machine safety, sensors, and electrical components are integral to maintaining safe, efficient operations across industries. Machine safety products like interlock switches and safety relays protect both workforce and machinery. Sensors such as proximity and pressure sensors facilitate automation and enhance productivity by monitoring and responding to various parameters. Electrical components like circuit breakers and relays control and distribute electrical power within a system, underlining the seamless functionality in automation and manufacturing sectors.

PAI highlight

Rework Your Bumper

Rework your bumper to be better positioned. for inspections, buffing or reworking. The bumper rework stand is a special design by Pneumatic Automation’s Engineering and Design Team. It is an ergonomic lift offering multiple positioning with special tooling and adjustable grippers. The rework stand allows rotating and tilting with special positioning.

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