Pneumatic Actuators

Pneumatic Linear Actuators – NFPA

Basic linear air cylinders are used to provide straight-line, in/out linear movement for a variety of applications. Available as single acting (spring extend or spring return actuators) and double acting styles with single rod or double rod configurations, non-rotating, and precision non-rotating models. Actuator body styles include crimped, round, or tie rod.

Flairline offers a complete range of high quality, round body pneumatic cylinders from ? through 4″ bore, low friction standard, non-rotating torque products, stainless steel cylinders, rod lock cylinders, pneumatic slides, and NFPA standard interchangeable product lines. Flairline also features a durable line of NFPA standard tie rod pneumatic cylinders in 1-1/2″ through 10″ bores with every option for your application.

NFPA and Compact Square Head Version Air Cylinders, Pressure Intensifiers, Boosters, and Air-Over-Oil Tanks

Lynair manufactures five different NFPA interchangeable series of cylinders: Series A and Series AL Air Cylinders, Series LH and Series H Hydraulic Cylinders, and Series PW Water Cylinders. Additional Tie Rod Series include CS2 Automotive, F-800 Foundry, AJ Adjustable Stroke, AD Airdraulic, AB Air Booster, and HBA8 and HB4 Air-Hydraulic Boosters, HM ISO Metric Hydraulic, & ‘T’ Air-Oil Tanks.

Pneumatic Linear Actuators – Space Saving

Compact’s lineup of air cylinder include the concept of space saving into all of their air cylinder, hence the name.

Series SMA Aluminum Pancake type and conventional length cylinders 1 1/8″ thru 3″ bore 30 Different models.

Series SMS Stainless Pancake type and conventional length cylinders for hostile environments 1 1/8″ thru 3″ bore 14 different models.

SMC offers a lineup of space saving cylinder with bore sizes ranging from 4mm to 200mm bore size (across the lineup). The most common and popular models include the CQ2 and NCQ2.

Pneumatic Linear Actuators – Non-Repairable Interchangeable

Series NCM stainless steel cylinder offers space savings, high performance, and interchangeability with other stainless steel cylinders.

The Compact Round Line Stainless Steel Air Cylinders are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and reliability in a small, durable, and configurable package. Featuring a precision rolled body construction, this line is designed for long life, leak-free, low maintenance performance.

Pneumatic Rodless Actuators

SMC’s rodless cylinders are ideal for long stroke applications because they are unaffected by rod overhang, bending, piston binding, and uneven seal wear, and for use in confined areas where space is a premium.

DURATRK® Band-Type Rodless Air Cylinder MAGTEC® Magnetically Coupled-Type Air Cylinder PNEU-SA® Enclosed Cable-Type Air Cylinder Rodless Cable Air Cylinders Guided Cable Air Cylinders Single Acting Cable Air Cylinders Linear Tension Cable Air Cylinders.

The RH, RHL, RHV, and R series comprise Aignep’s lineup of rodless pneumatic actuators.

Pneumatic Work Holding Actuators – Grippers

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SMC offers a wide variety of pneumatic grippers including: 2-finger parallel, angular, and toggle-style; 3-finger grippers divided into high precision and high holding force grippers; 4-finger (parallel) grippers which are commonly used for manipulating square and round work pieces; SMC also offers a line of magnetic grippers. Additionally, they offer a pneumatic gripper specifically designed for collaborative robots; escapement style grippers, and automatic tool changing products.

Zimmer offers the standard configurations in its Pneumatic Gripper lineup in addition to some variations targeted toward more specific applications. Zimmer offers Pneumatically Intelligent grippers (utilizing IO-Link technology). Zimmer also offers electronic grippers and collaborative and cooperative grippers under the alias of HRC.

Aignep offers 5 series of pneumatic grippers; these series include the following style: Parallel, Wide-type Parallel, Angular (up to 180 degrees), and 3 finger.

IPR (Intelligent Peripherals for Robots) offers parallel, concentric (3-4 finger style), and angular grippers as well as a variety of accessories to complement their product line.

Pneumatic Work Holding Actuators – Collet Closures

Compact workholding products are designed for use in industrial applications such as robotics, automated assembly and manipulator/tooling. All units feature self-contained, double-acting Compact actuators. All models feature low unit weight, high output and compact size.

Pneumatic Work Holding Actuators – Intensifiers

RAD’s lineup of air/oil intensifiers are heavy duty and intended for any application. (500-5000 PSI air-to-oil), (135-480 PSI air-to-air, air-to-oil)

Compact’s CL series of air over oil force intensifiers are simple and robust utilizing a pneumatic cylinder to intensify the oil pressure with a smaller piston. This series is low weight and space efficient.

Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

Compact Automation offers rotary actuators divided into six categories: Comp-Act Rotary Series Actuators, Turn-Act Series Rotary Actuators, Brute Rotary Vane Actuators, OEM Series Rotary Actuators, Turn-Dex, and Multi-Act Series Multi Position Actuators.

Aignep carries a female and male rotary actuator known as XRM and XRF, respectively. Both of these actuators are classified as ISO 15552, rotations offered include 90, 180, 270, and 360 degrees.

Pneumatic Guided Actuators

SMC offers a large array of guided actuators including: slide tables, heavy duty linear actuators with guide rods, dual piston rod actuators, and precision guided actuators. This type of actuator is useful in applications where side loading the actuator is a concern. Side loading causes failures such as rod bending, piston bending, and uneven seal wear. These effects are reduced when guided actuators are properly applied.

The OPS and MPS models smooth cycling and can handle high loads. These include oversized guide rods as a standard option, each rod is supported by four bearings. These bearings are made of a proprietary thermoplastic alloy which ensures accurate movement and the ability to handle load with minimal deflection.

Rockford Air Devices offers a selection of pneumatic solutions that include NFPA and Compact Square Head Version Air Cylinders, Pressure Intensifiers, Boosters, and Air-Over-Oil Tanks. These products are designed to meet a variety of industrial needs, providing efficient and reliable pneumatic power for different applications.

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