Pneumatic Tubing, Fittings, and Flow Controls


SMC offers a large selection of one-touch airline fittings capable of being applied in general and special applications/environments.

Aignep offers automatic, push-in, compression, and function fittings. Also offered are Auto-Couplers.


SMC offers standard polyurethane and nylon tubing in standard and metric sizes, other types of tubing which are more specialized are available too. A variety of colors are available. Standard roll lengths include: 20m (66ft), 33m (100ft), 153m (500ft), 305m (1000ft), and 500m (1640ft).

Freelin-Wade offers standard and metric sizes of tubing in a larger variety than is commonly found. Freelin-Wade will also sell at any specified length you desire as well as their standard roll sizes. Custom tubing is available to meet any needs or applications.

Coilhose Pneumatics is related to Freelin Wade and offers standard, metric tubing in a variety of materials. DOT rated tubing is a unique product carried by Freelin-Wade and is suitable for any automotive pneumatic needs meeting the UL94HB standard for automotive air systems in the USA.

Flow Controls

SMC Flow Controls are precision-engineered products made by SMC Corporation for managing the airflow rate in pneumatic and automation applications. Their extensive product line includes control valves, speed controllers, and tube fittings. Known for their high performance, reliability, and durability, these are widely used across diverse industries like packaging, automotive, life science, and semiconductor. SMC’s stringent quality checks ensure their flow controls enhance efficiency and productivity.

Aignep is known for providing top-quality flow control fittings. These are specifically designed to control the rate of fluid flow within a system accurately. The flow control fittings from Aignep stand out due to their impressive durability, precision, ease of installation, and excellent performance. They can be efficiently integrated into a wide array of pneumatic and industrial applications to ensure smooth and controlled fluid flow. Their high reliability and advanced engineering make them a preferred choice for many sectors.

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